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IEG Investment Banking

Vertical video series for the 2017 social media campaign and website relaunch of IEG – Investment Banking.
Deal reviews on merger and aquisition or explaning new technologies relating to up-to-date investment highlights: trends such as Intel, Mobil-Eye, the future of Adtech industry or Blockchain. In depth interviews with finance experts augmented with supplementary infographics.

Commissioned by  Grauel Publishing

Infographics: Jaroslaw Kaschtalinski
Editor and interviews: Kai Schächtele

My roles: production, cinematography and editing.


IEG Deal of the Month

The attack on the automotive industry – Intel’s acquisition of Mobileye in Israel.

IEG Easy Explainer I

What is Adtech?

IEG Easy Explainer II

The future of Adtech.

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© Christian Frey, www.christianfrey.de
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