Grimme Online Award

Online projects or photo series as part of these multimedia projects that were nominated or awarded with the German Grimme Online Award: Die WM – ein WintermaerchenDas Paris-Protokoll and Buterbrod und Spiele.

Come to Moscow!

…says Micha, 27 years old and a fashion designer from Moscow

Russian Rebels

Food comes first, morality follows. But people from Tjumen are hungry for more. Like comic star Gosha and his friends.

On Hunger Strike

Journalist Schura Burtin supporting Oleg Senzow’s hunger strike during World Cup 2018. A portrait.

“This is my Heimat.”

“Maybe it’s easier in Germany, but I want to do something here.”

The Beach

Village youth hanging out and showing off at their local beach by the river.

Russia in June 2018

All photo stories shot during World Cup.

Buterbrod und Spiele

From Yakutia to Moscow. A multimedia blog about Russia during the World Cup 2018.

The Sky Beavers

Downshifting and eco-farming. Made in Russia.

Oh, Sergey…

A ❤️ to Russian Photographer Legend Sergey Chilikov.

Selfmade-man Andrej

Sergej and Tanja made their way in Siberian Taischet. And for the rest of their lifes they desire: no more changes.

Living on Trains

People and their stories on a five day train journey through Russia.

Into the Wild

A six hour boat trip away from civilization.

Das Paris-Protokoll

Behind the 2015 Paris climate change summit – the blog.

13 Days until Decision

Behind the 2015 Paris climate change summit – the pictures.

Die WM – ein Wintermärchen?

A multimedia journey from Cape Town to Johannesburg. Looking behind the scenes of the first World Cup on African soil.